Across the Horizon.

It's been a solid month on the road. As my time visiting friends, celebrating life and love, moving across country and living out of a suitcase draws to an end I am thankful for silent moments, shared experiences and the mental fortitude that comes with a life on the road.

Over the next few months I will be setting up in what can arguably be called the best city on earth...NYC. I am open to the new challenges, friends and experiences it has to offer and strive to better myself daily. For those of you I will share these experiences with, I look forward to building lasting memories. To those of you I will no doubt miss, we will see each other soon.

I can't help but think these days are a turning point in the grand adventure of life. Something to be fought for, something to be cherished. I only hope that I make sound choices, do good by those who would do right by me and live this life to the fullest.

Best regards to all,

Geoff Ridenour